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CanucKast 37: Who is Paul Hodge?

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This same question is asked in Bathroom Stalls across the country!  On the way to the Dropkick Murphys the lads talk about Small Engine Repair, a Night in an Ice Hotel and God Damn Taxes! Voice of Fire – Barnett Newman

CanucKast 19: The Hockey Glove Poo Felony

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In this quick episode the guys reminisce about Mike’s old house and work in Perth.  The chat continued with talk of lunches wasted playing Arcade Games at Frankie’s Playhouse and then inevitably returned to familiar ground with Poo Chat and what happened when a Hockey Argument went bad!   *Post Episode Update* Mike calls me […]


CanucKast 2: The first rule of The Rape Game…

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Look out world! Jason discusses full commitment surrogacy, chatting about “The Rape Game” with his oldest son. Mike talks about how great all his parties were and how much fun he had. Cartoons J was talking about “I AM A BANANA!”