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CanucKast 42: R-E-A-D A B-O OK!

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After discussing how Male brains have a special “Is She Sexable? Task Running in the background at all times, the Lads get their reading glassing on and discuss literature and a few of thier favorite series by King, Flint, Reilly, Forstchen.


CanucKast 38: Dropkicked by The Creepshow!

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Driving home the day after the big concert the lads recount their night with the Dropkick Murphys, the Creepshow and how their morning trip to the Pacific Mall spawned the idea to become China’s biggest Canadian PodKasting superstars!

CanucKast 21: Uncircumcised Philistine vs. Incredibly Cut Jew-Jitsu Master

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Happy Holidays!!  Yes that’s right I’m taking a few hours way from my present opening kids to post, just for you, a Christmas pod… umm… we don’t talk about Christmas at all in this one though… FYI!  ~J   Who is…The Bed-liest Warrior?  That’s right ladies!  Learn of Mike’s mystical bedroom powers, and Jason’s wife’s […]

CanucKast 19: The Hockey Glove Poo Felony

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In this quick episode the guys reminisce about Mike’s old house and work in Perth.  The chat continued with talk of lunches wasted playing Arcade Games at Frankie’s Playhouse and then inevitably returned to familiar ground with Poo Chat and what happened when a Hockey Argument went bad!   *Post Episode Update* Mike calls me […]