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CanucKast 20: The War Wagon Continues Crime Spree in New Hands!

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Come with us and explore the seedy underbelly of Kia Sportage sales! Later the lads discuss Motorcycle rides in the rain, winter maintenance and why there are no goddam tiny creamers or plastic forks in the lunchrooms at work!   Read the Ad posted by Mike on a local classified site that made the sale […]

CanucKast 18: 80% of the Time There is no Poo in the Vagina!

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Mike and J discuss how irritating it is to sell shit when people want to dicker, the differences between grifting and full on theft and how card tricks really don’t really translate into Podcasting entertainment.  Mike tells a story about his Convenience Store confrontation with ETalk hack Ben Mulroney! Oh and did you want to […]


CanucKast 13: Hookers teach Engrish as a Second Ranguage?

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Jason’s mom gets told her choice of hair colour may cause problems when teaching English in Asia and the guys discuss an alternate universe where Tiger Woods went Gangsta!               Look at our old PodKast War Wagon… That thing has been through many a crazy adventures with us…now…so sad… […]


CanucKast 8: Cat Fist Fever!

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The hosts of CanucKast secure tickets to Irish punk rock band The Dropkick Murphys in Feb and so this one becomes  The Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Episode!!  Unfortunately not the sex you were hoping for though, Mike just had the dream where he sticks his finger in the Cats Ass again… The Dropkick […]


CanucKast 2: The first rule of The Rape Game…

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Look out world! Jason discusses full commitment surrogacy, chatting about “The Rape Game” with his oldest son. Mike talks about how great all his parties were and how much fun he had. Cartoons J was talking about “I AM A BANANA!”