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CanucKast 19: The Hockey Glove Poo Felony

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In this quick episode the guys reminisce about Mike’s old house and work in Perth.  The chat continued with talk of lunches wasted playing Arcade Games at Frankie’s Playhouse and then inevitably returned to familiar ground with Poo Chat and what happened when a Hockey Argument went bad!   *Post Episode Update* Mike calls me […]

CanucKast 18: 80% of the Time There is no Poo in the Vagina!

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Mike and J discuss how irritating it is to sell shit when people want to dicker, the differences between grifting and full on theft and how card tricks really don’t really translate into Podcasting entertainment.  Mike tells a story about his Convenience Store confrontation with ETalk hack Ben Mulroney! Oh and did you want to […]


CanucKast 3: AM/FM Radio Jealousy!

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Mike gets a finger in the bum so that he can live forever! The lads talk about their giant biker balls, Harley Davidson douchery and the joy of the journey. Jason & Mike @ Ride for Dad 2011