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CanucKast 51: Nigerian Girl… You came and you scammed my world!

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Dishwasher Repair, 3somes and Woodworking… Oh and Jason sings and talks about his hope to take advantage of the homeless to make mad Reality TV Show dollars. ^ A little reference to the show.  I knew it was Michael Jackson!  Best part of his directed music video? Dan Ackroyd at the end… “Aww Mike?”   […]

CanucKast 50: There’s no business like Hoe Business!

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Holy fuck, the lads completed 50 instances of something!  Let us all celebrate… At the CanucKASS Pleasure Palace! Also… for your own personal FYI… The Internet is a Series of Tubes! If the lads made you laugh, force them into your friends virgin ears!

CanucKast 47: I need to live forever so umm… Please resuscitate!

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The lads discuss dreams, kettle bell workouts and the dangers of organ donation! Jason talks about his dream of being laid to rest in the Olympic Torch and having an archer shoot a flaming arrow, striking, starting the cremation process and signaling the start of the festivities!  Too much? If the lads made you laugh, […]