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CanucKast 51: Nigerian Girl… You came and you scammed my world!

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Dishwasher Repair, 3somes and Woodworking… Oh and Jason sings and talks about his hope to take advantage of the homeless to make mad Reality TV Show dollars. ^ A little reference to the show.  I knew it was Michael Jackson!  Best part of his directed music video? Dan Ackroyd at the end… “Aww Mike?”   […]

Tramp Stamp

CanucKast 15: Skeet Skeet on a dead baby Tramp Stamp!

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Mike quits smoking and tells a story of what can happen when whoring it up to forget, takes an unexpected turn!   *Post Show Note* CBC only raised $236,000 and 14,500 lbs. of food for the FoodBanks in their “Sounds of the Season” event, not $1 Million like I guessed… so… Try harder next year […]


CanucKast 7: Occupy Ballstreet…. Ladies!

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Got off to a rough start on this one when Eeyore just can’t get his hating thoughts in order and spews his depressed little thoughts around in the Kast, but what a strong finish when these Canucks discuss the world economic situation and the best way to capitolize on the current high demand for Canadian […]