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CanucKast 19: The Hockey Glove Poo Felony

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In this quick episode the guys reminisce about Mike’s old house and work in Perth.  The chat continued with talk of lunches wasted playing Arcade Games at Frankie’s Playhouse and then inevitably returned to familiar ground with Poo Chat and what happened when a Hockey Argument went bad!   *Post Episode Update* Mike calls me […]

Tramp Stamp

CanucKast 15: Skeet Skeet on a dead baby Tramp Stamp!

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Mike quits smoking and tells a story of what can happen when whoring it up to forget, takes an unexpected turn!   *Post Show Note* CBC only raised $236,000 and 14,500 lbs. of food for the FoodBanks in their “Sounds of the Season” event, not $1 Million like I guessed… so… Try harder next year […]


CanucKast 8: Cat Fist Fever!

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The hosts of CanucKast secure tickets to Irish punk rock band The Dropkick Murphys in Feb and so this one becomes  The Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll Episode!!  Unfortunately not the sex you were hoping for though, Mike just had the dream where he sticks his finger in the Cats Ass again… The Dropkick […]