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CanucKast 112: Don’t take my dildo bro!

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Last show before Jay’s big move!  That’s right his house finally sells!  The lad’s discuss the Professional Skill of stealing…I mean…Not reinventing the wheel!  Oh ya and Cops that steal dildos!  Stay Classy Officers! Tonight’s episide brought to you by the ODDcast PODcast on The PodGods Network Musical Guest on CUIMM is illRayzor from London, […]


CanucKast 111: Where are you Glenn Loeff?

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J delivers his non delivered monologue, has chest pains and remembers his old friend.  Mike eats an ice cream cone shaped like an elf penis and doesn’t enjoy it. ** Update ** I am alive!  Thanks for holding on, we’ll be trying to get back to weekly shows soon!  I have filled tonight’s show with […]


CanucKast 109: VIVA LAS VEGAS! featuring Super Fifty Five!

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The boys are back from Vegas and hesitantly throw out tales of their adventures… drinking, gambling, Jay almost doesn’t make it home after a wild night… yup, it’s all in here! This show brought to you by the Random Variety Show on the Pod Gods Network and musical guest Super Fifty Five on this installment […]

CanucKast 108: The PreVegas SuperShow! Featuring RocketHorse!

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Well shit!  Have I been derelict in my duties?  Well it’s been 3 weeks since we’ve posted a show!  Great great! Now we don’t have all 3 of you devoted listeners anymore!! What can I say!  Shit’s been going down!  I’m trying to sell my house, we’re heading to Vegas tomorrow, people are committing criminal atrocities left […]


CanucKast 100: Celebrate Good Times Come On!

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We made it to our Centennial episode and we couldn’t have done it without you!  Well… I guess that’s not completely true… we always do it without you… I guess what I’m trying to say is… um… enjoy as always! Today’s episode brought to you by our buddies and partner Gods, Rambo and Josh from A Little Punch Drunk […]


CanucKast 99: Rule #1 of CatPit, you don’t talk about CatPit!

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Today’s show brought to you by the Evil Teddy Bear Podcast!  Listen to that Shit! The lads finally discuss some of the great questions in life… Why do they pod in the car?  What happens when J gets drunk?  How gross was it to have sex hundreds of years ago? What happens in the Cat […]


CanucKast 96: The KingKong Mega Mega tiny episode mash-up.

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Well what the hell!  Since we lost 40 min of a great show and had a few other smaller shows sitting here, we’ll mash em all together for a biggie!  The lads talk about Small Time Crooks, Marriage, Pathetic Hotel Experiences, Condo Corporations and Gun Control.  Booya! Go check out Get Into Character, another great […]

CanucKast 90: New Gods on the Block

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Big 2013 News for CanucKast!  The Lads join forces with the PodGodsNetwork, a great group of comedic podcasters, who have been on the lookout for the right blend of Canadian Idiocy!! In this episode the lads recap their holidays (hopefully we won’t talk about this downer bullshit anymore…sorry folks!), talk about the Hobbit and Django […]