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CanucKast 64: Geocaching Horror Film

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In this episode the lads discuss paying up front, man weekend getaways and how they are not gay in anyway what-so-ever, their dads and what to do with this crappy 1/2 complete indie film of theirs.

CanucKast 51: Nigerian Girl… You came and you scammed my world!

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Dishwasher Repair, 3somes and Woodworking… Oh and Jason sings and talks about his hope to take advantage of the homeless to make mad Reality TV Show dollars. ^ A little reference to the show.  I knew it was Michael Jackson!  Best part of his directed music video? Dan Ackroyd at the end… “Aww Mike?”   […]

CanucKast 20: The War Wagon Continues Crime Spree in New Hands!

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Come with us and explore the seedy underbelly of Kia Sportage sales! Later the lads discuss Motorcycle rides in the rain, winter maintenance and why there are no goddam tiny creamers or plastic forks in the lunchrooms at work!   Read the Ad posted by Mike on a local classified site that made the sale […]


CanucKast 3: AM/FM Radio Jealousy!

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Mike gets a finger in the bum so that he can live forever! The lads talk about their giant biker balls, Harley Davidson douchery and the joy of the journey. Jason & Mike @ Ride for Dad 2011