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CanucKast 45: Apocalypse Sow (Cow or Cluck) – The Guide to Eating Hot Dogs on The Road.

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Hear the lads discuss buying new cars vs. used, how to properly make Kraft Dinner and Hotdogs, finally Jason reviews “The Road” for Mike’s post nuclear war-ish pleasure. If the lads made you laugh, force them into your friends virgin ears!

CanucKast 20: The War Wagon Continues Crime Spree in New Hands!

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Come with us and explore the seedy underbelly of Kia Sportage sales! Later the lads discuss Motorcycle rides in the rain, winter maintenance and why there are no goddam tiny creamers or plastic forks in the lunchrooms at work!   Read the Ad posted by Mike on a local classified site that made the sale […]