CanucKast 102: “Google Glass” Finally an innovation that will allow J to instantly recount all the cute butts he has ever seen!

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In this episode the lads talk about shit you shouldn’t get into…and shit you get into that ends abruptly, making you sad… and other shit . Steampunk: This genre is only good for one thing.   Deadwood Pancakes Ben Stiller is: Tom Crooze   You want to check out the Google Glass glasses that Mike […]


CanucKast 100: Celebrate Good Times Come On!

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We made it to our Centennial episode and we couldn’t have done it without you!  Well… I guess that’s not completely true… we always do it without you… I guess what I’m trying to say is… um… enjoy as always! Today’s episode brought to you by our buddies and partner Gods, Rambo and Josh from A Little Punch Drunk […]


CanucKast Special: 2013 Oscars Predictions

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Oh snap folks!  Mike and J talk about their Academy Award Oscar picks and toss in a few rants and wishes! Oscar Picks for those of you to follow along with: (Ya… We didn’t throw out picks for every category…we got tired!) BEST PICTURE les misérABles  *Jason lincoln  *Mike ACToR In A LEAdIng RoLE joaquin […]