CanucKast on the Internets

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OH Shit!  You can find the lads all over the goddam Interwebs these days!  First and foremost they have partnered up with, the amazing site who hosts Kevin Smith’s SMODCast!  I know I know it is rediculous!

You can get their iPhone and Android app totally free, listen to a crazy amount of incredible Podcasting content, and best of all support Mike and J and keep those dudes in the coffees they require to keep chatting your ears off!

1) Just go to
2) Enter KAST in the promo code and your email and voila!
3) Get the email link to the download on your phone… Install the app…
4) Laugh ass off…


This page here needs more pictures and pizazz… hmm… also links to other places where these Canucks have burrowed into for your listening pleasure… I mean really… you can just come to this very site and listen… but… They want to share the wealth…so to speak…

Back later with more!

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