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CanucKast 113: The Great Hot Conjoined Twins Debate

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The lads discuss J’s move to the new apartment, god dammit why can no one cut a panini and it’s time the lads discuss the ins and outs, their hopes and dreams when it comes to the possibility of being or interacting with conjoined twins! *I guess that I should clarify that on this show […]


CanucKast 112: Don’t take my dildo bro!

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Last show before Jay’s big move!  That’s right his house finally sells!  The lad’s discuss the Professional Skill of stealing…I mean…Not reinventing the wheel!  Oh ya and Cops that steal dildos!  Stay Classy Officers! Tonight’s episide brought to you by the ODDcast PODcast on The PodGods Network Musical Guest on CUIMM is illRayzor from London, […]


CanucKast 111: Where are you Glenn Loeff?

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J delivers his non delivered monologue, has chest pains and remembers his old friend.  Mike eats an ice cream cone shaped like an elf penis and doesn’t enjoy it. ** Update ** I am alive!  Thanks for holding on, we’ll be trying to get back to weekly shows soon!  I have filled tonight’s show with […]


CanucKast 109: VIVA LAS VEGAS! featuring Super Fifty Five!

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The boys are back from Vegas and hesitantly throw out tales of their adventures… drinking, gambling, Jay almost doesn’t make it home after a wild night… yup, it’s all in here! This show brought to you by the Random Variety Show on the Pod Gods Network and musical guest Super Fifty Five on this installment […]

CanucKast 108: The PreVegas SuperShow! Featuring RocketHorse!

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Well shit!  Have I been derelict in my duties?  Well it’s been 3 weeks since we’ve posted a show!  Great great! Now we don’t have all 3 of you devoted listeners anymore!! What can I say!  Shit’s been going down!  I’m trying to sell my house, we’re heading to Vegas tomorrow, people are committing criminal atrocities left […]

Our pool in Vegas!

CanucKast 106: Villains in Vegas and the Science of Persuasion!

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Step 1: To be classy do up the top button of your goddam shirt!  This show has chicken, x-ray specs and car chases, who could ask for more!?  (Don’t answer that!) You know what? Even though it didn’t hit its KickStartering Needs we still beleive in J and his E.L.E Project!!  So this episode is […]