Canuckast 115: Jay finds Jesus on the East Coast! Nice Guy!

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Well Guys and Gals!  The triumphant return of Jay from the East Coast and surrounding stories also marks a break in the guys show for a bit!!  Mike and Jay are heading over to work on an Indie Film Project that is going to take up a lot of their time for a bit!!

Do not worry!! We will be back with crazy Canadian Stories soon!!  But until we are please, please come and check out our film production page on Facebook Zen Pirate Films!  We continue to NEED your support.

We plan to light up a new indie film podcast for a bit on our other page to talk about our project, do interviews with our cast, crew and other indie film makers!

Talk at you all very soon!
~Mike and Jay

Today’s episode brought to you by the ODDCast PODcast on the Pod Gods Network

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