CanucKast 111: Where are you Glenn Loeff?

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J delivers his non delivered monologue, has chest pains and remembers his old friend.  Mike eats an ice cream cone shaped like an elf penis and doesn’t enjoy it.

** Update ** I am alive!  Thanks for holding on, we’ll be trying to get back to weekly shows soon!  I have filled tonight’s show with a couple extra tunes from an Irish fore-some from Kingston Ontario that you should check out named Irish Roots!  Throughout the show I scattered a couple of my favorite old Irish folk songs and then showcase their new track The Temperance Song in the C.U.I.M.M. segment at the end of the show!  Enjoy fockers!

Our show tonight is brought to you by one of the Pod Gods I would look to in order to nurse myself back to health A Little Punch Drunk!  Check out their show on the Pod Gods Network.  (Rambo works the shit out of a nurses uniform!)


2 Responses to “CanucKast 111: Where are you Glenn Loeff?”

  1. Andrew

    great show guys… don’t let those animals toss chocolate milk on the walls. good luck with sale of house! :)

    enjoyed your banter back and forth. cheers.

    • CanucKast

      Appreciate it! Spread the word! Our banter is the shows charm so we’re told, it sure as shit isn’t how hilarious we are! Also, I know the spots I threw the extra songs weren’t in the greatest places, but I enjoyed them so much they needed to be heard!!



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