Dr. Chadmia Sloppycunt presents: CanucKast 110! Featuring “Farewell Davidson”

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Jay buying pants spawns the invention on the Jeaninator…Maybe Jean-O-Matic?  Mayor Ford smokes crack and the Lads tell tales of Cobra Scorpion Booze!

Tonight’s musical guest in the CUIMM Segment is Farewell Davidson from Wakefield Quebec with their song, Late Night News!


One Response to “Dr. Chadmia Sloppycunt presents: CanucKast 110! Featuring “Farewell Davidson””

  1. Dr. Chadmia Sloppycunt

    Haha! Very good episode, I’ve never been to Starbucks myself, but from what I’ve heard it’s the best, but also surrounded by hipsters dressed in whatever they found in the thrift shop bargain bin. Also, the only time the audio quality is bad is when wind is blowing up against it, other than those times it’s perfect.

    P.S: Fuck the tumbley whatever ice cream shop!


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