CanucKast 107: The corpse of Mike’s Zombie dog is animated by the desire to fuck with him!

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Today’s episode brought to you by The Unsocial Network on the Pod Gods Network

The lads pod on 420 and discuss recent world events, they go see Oblivion and laugh and spoil as they delight in their hope for new alien overlords.  When dealing with Internet providers always ask for Proof of Life when confronted by Drillbit Hostage takers!


Oh Shit! CanucKast is now deaf friendly!! Please enjoy 4 of our shows transcripts below!! We’re sorry though, because you would need to be able to listen to the show to hear the amazing story of how these came to exist!!

CanucKast 1: Steve Jobs lives on in a spider mounted vagina!
CanucKast 3: AM/FM Radio Jealousy!
CanucKast 19: The Hockey Glove Poo Felony
CanucKast 31: A few hundred pounds worth of Private Dicks for Hire!  Enquire Within!


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